Monday, March 26, 2012

7 Ways To Use Scarves As Home Decor

Who knew that you could find several ways to use your scarves throughout the home? I was inspired recently by my sister's dear friend, Vidi. She was wondering which way would be best to use her Hermes scarf. Should it be sewn into a pillow, used as upholstery for a chair, or for beautiful artwork to hang in her home? So I did some research to find some more ideas for how to use your scarf for home decor and thought I would share some of Vidi's ideas as well as some new ones I found this morning. Thanks Vids! What has your inspiration been lately?
 1. What a great way to add some unique artwork and a pop of color to a space
2. Take an idea from this ready-made $9,200 Silk Scarf Chanel Chandelier
3. It's hard to find silk pillows these days, so why not just create your own!
 4. All it takes is a silk scarf to add a punch of color and design 
 5. This not only provides some color but brings a new light to the room
 6. This scarf turned table-runner gives the right detail to any console table
7. What a sweet detail to this room, gives great texture and a uniqueness you don't find too often

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